How It All Began


     With great passion for plants and flowers since young, being a florist comes natural to Sandy Minsein. She grew up in Myanmar, in a land filled with assortments of Bougainvillea and Dahlia flowers, Sandy has great respect of what nature has to offered, and well aware of unspoken words and uplifting power that comes from flowers. One of her childhood dreams was to have her own flower shop, putting smiles on people, and watching them cherish the moment. After years of planning, her dream came true in 1998, when she and her husband Min opened their first flower shop on their wedding anniversary in Yangon. She was considered a pioneer in Myanmar's floral community, in a way that her shop was first in Yangon offering unique and original styles of floral arrangements displaying elegance, grace, beauty and simplicity. 
    Today, Sandy's Floral operates two specialty retail stores in Yangon, and robust eCommerce shops, providing beautiful floral arrangments at weddings ceremonies, corporate, and special events. Sandy's Floral also have established network of flowers and gifts delivery service throughout Myanmar major cities. Abroad in United States, Sandy along with her family does organic flower farming and nursery in greenary of beautiful Pacific Northwest's Willamette Valley region. She has also extended her floral arrangement services in Portland metro area serving local hospitals, hotels and special events. Sandy is also regular contributor to popular LifeStyle Today Magazine in Myanmar on the topics of floral arrangement and specialty flowers.